Waiting to hear from Gowan

To the editor:

Here in AZ LD-14, we have three elected legislators. I contacted all three many weeks ago, asking for information on the Senate Republican Caucus’s “forensic audit” of the 2020 election in Maricopa County. Representatives Nutt and Griffin both responded almost immediately, and each of them told me, “It’s a Senate matter, you have to speak with Senator Gowan.” Problem is, despite weeks of requests to speak with Gowan, he has refused to talk with me on this very important matter.

Since Gowan is non-responsive, I write to ask him, publicly, why won’t you talk with me? You’re my only Senator, and my Representatives insist that only you can answer my questions. If this is your idea of how to properly represent a voter in your district, Senator Gowan, I cannot and will not accept that. Supposedly you work for me (and all the other voters in LD-14. Your failure to speak with me is a failure to do your job. It shows contempt for individual voters, and I will do my best to hold your responsible for your refusal to speak with me. You can remedy this in an instant--you have my contact information, and I am easily reached.

Michael McKernan