To the Editor:

During these trying times we should all endeavor to keep ourselves and others safe while continuing with our privilege and responsibility to vote. One of the tools available to us is the ability to vote by mail. It would be helpful if we all signed up to do so and encourage our friends and neighbors to do likewise.

Already some areas of the country are considering voting by mail. We are fortunate that a system already exists here in Arizona to do so. This system is called the permanent early voting list and is referred to as PEVL.

One can register to vote on line but the PEVL form requires a signature (per the Cochise County Registrar’s Office with whom I spoke today). Anyone can go to and download a form, fill it out and mail it in to the recorder’s office — or — call the office at 520 432-8350 and request a form.

Registration for the Primiary election must be completed by July 6th and for the general election by 7 Oct.

Also — for those already registered and wanting to check on their registration, go to These are easy ways to utilize your privilege to vote.

Joan A. Murphy

Sierra Vista

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