Open letter to McSally

To the Editor:

I’ve enclosed an open letter to Senator Martha McSally which I’ve also sent to her office. I request that you print this in Letters to the Editor.

Dear Senator McSally,

I am deeply disappointed in your votes to exclude witnesses from the Senate trial, and thereafter to acquit President Trump of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. It seems that you have voted out of political expediency and not out of any concern for the US Constitution and the best interests of the American people. By no stretch of the imagination can a trial with a predetermined outcome and no witnesses be called impartial. There were many loud criticisms of the House Impeachment Committee and denunciations of it as a sham; however, the exact opposite is the case. The House Committee based its findings on ascertainable facts, solid evidence, and reliable witnesses. The Senate trial based its verdict instead misinformation, disinformation, and outright lies. This was the actual sham.

I believe that your votes have helped set a number of very damaging and dangerous precedents: growing contempt for the legitimate, constitutional powers of Congress; increasing willingness to ignore or even subvert the Constitution, and finally support and encouragement for a man who believes the Constitution gives him the authority to do absolutely anything he wants. This would be a very problematic belief for any president to hold, but in the case of President Trump, it is disastrous. The President, now declaring himself to be fully vindicated, feels emboldened to continue his lies, crude and repugnant personal attacks, and efforts to enlist the aid of foreign governments to interfere in our elections for his personal benefit.

President Trump’s behavior and actions pose a serious threat to our democracy, and your votes have helped enable him. I am not confident that you are able to put the public good above your own personal and political interests.


Kevin O’Brien

Sierra Vista

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