To the editor,

I have multiple sclerosis and I am on disability. I don’t know any physical abuse but I just lived through the threat of physical abuse and being strong armed into giving up my stimulus check, my entire disability check and having all of my valuable possessions traded or pawned for drugs. That is financial abuse. That hurts deeply. Depriving me of necessary resources for an addict. I allowed it out of love and I was robbed out of selfish greed.

In the spirit of ‘abuse can only happen when no one says anything’ I am now saying something as loudly as I can without telling the police or telling anyone his name since I removed myself from that situation and to avoid libel charges. This happens to our elderly and disabled on a regular basis. And we don’t have the money or legal assistance to protect ourselves or our children. Having children to protect is where we suffer physical abuse and/or when we cannot protect ourselves. All I have is my voice and I am also speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves. Lets protect those who lived their lives trying to protect themselves and those who physically cannot protect themselves. This is my prayer for this divided nation. Can we at least come together on this?

Jessica Raab, PH.D.

Sierra Vista