Fort Huachuca is our diamond in the rough

When I glanced at my paper on Wednesday, Dec. 4, I was immediately drawn to the lead story above the fold. The headline “Fort Huachuca Conservation groups file legal notice over water usage,” really piqued my curiosity.

As I read this piece my blood pressure began to rise and my reaction to the entire story turned from disbelief to disgust and finally to plain old bewilderment. By the time I finished the article I was mighty pissed.

Quote: “After obtaining a 2010 confidential report on Fort Huachuca water usage, The Center for Biological Diversity, Maricopa Audubon Society and the Sierra Club have filed a notice of intent (NOI) in regards to an alleged coverup of water usage....”. The “Big Three” environmental groups are suing everybody and his brother, it seems, “to prevent further damage (sic) in the Fort Huachuca area.” What are you folks smoking?

There press release goes on to say, “This report makes clear that Fort Huachuca should’ve been downsized in 2014 rather than given the greenlight to continue damaging the San Pedro.”

Downsize Fort Huachuca! Are you kidding me? Most sane folks in Cochise County vote for, support and encourage the Pentagon to not only keep this “diamond in the rough” open but expand it every year.

How crazy have these environmental tyrants become. Ron Silver, CO-founder and board member for the Center Biological Diversity is the character who is attributed to the downsizing quote. Mr. Silver, get a grip or get out. If you really mean what you say that back as far as 2014, “our” Fort should be downsized you really should take an elementary course in economics and study why the vast majority of folks embrace “our” Fort. The stability and growth of our magnificent City and this County is far more dependent on the growth and stability of Fort Huachuca than any bug or weed found in the dry bed of the San Pedro.

Of course we can’t “shoot the messenger” Shar Porier or the Herald Review for carrying this story, in fact, its good that you did print the story. My only regret is that Ron Silver and the “big three” environs get front page attention.

Upgrade and upsize Fort Huachuca, not downsize it.

Jerry Regan

Sierra Vista

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