Here are the facts on RV issue

To the editor:

In the Herald Review’s opinion, forcing city residents to move their RV homes to another zoning district is fair because these people aren’t “paying taxes” and the city is just enforcing the zoning code. This is factually incorrect and ignores the bigger picture.

First, these city residents do pay taxes. Amanda Root is not living in an RV on the “city streets or in the city parks.” Instead she is living in her RV on her own land, which she has owned and paid taxes on for 20 years. Yet the city wants to force Amanda to move her home across the street and pay rent at an RV park. This is unjust. Amanda is 65 and severely disabled. She cannot afford to move. Nor can any of the other RV owners afford to move, many of whom are elderly, and all of whom have rented their property for years.

Nor should they have to. The city claims that it is just enforcing the zoning law. But the city has ignored its code and allowed these people to live in Rvs for years. Now it is suddenly pulling the rug out from them—for no good reason. The RVs are all well maintained and, by all accounts, some of the nicest homes in the area. If the city really was concerned about enforcing the law, it would clean up the multiple abandoned and burnt out homes in the same neighborhood instead of going after a handful of well-abiding citizens.

Erica Smith

Institute for Justice Senior Attorney