Sale of fireworks is irresponsible

To the editor:

While driving into town earlier this week, I was extremely upset to see the fireworks stand set up AGAIN on Highway 92 south of Fry Blvd. This part of AZ is in an extreme Fire Danger Zone. Where I live, our subdivision was only 1/4-mile from the Monument Fire in 2011. The only reason we were saved was a slurry bomber flew overhead and stopped the fire. Recently a fire in Ash Canyon was started by a blade on some farm equipment that sparked on a rock. Several Fire Departments put it out. Why doesn’t the Mayor and City Council restrict the selling of all fireworks while these fire-danger conditions exist? It is incredibly irresponsible and people that have been quarantined for months are just itching for a little excitement by exploding fireworks.

Darla Straka


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