To the editor:

In your “Our View” column of Sept. 3, the Herald/Review insinuated the hypocrisy of those who object to the mandating of the COVID vaccine for religious reasons relating to the testing and/or production (of all available COVID vaccine products) on aborted fetal cell tissue. Your logic was that, “fetal cell lines are utilized in the development of numerous consumer goods, foods, cosmetics and some pharmaceutical products,” and, “Objection to getting the shot on moral grounds is understandable if that decision is made when all the facts are presented.”

Herein lies the problem: many, MANY people were not aware that fetal cell lines were used in development/production of those food, household and cosmetic products. It is not a well-advertised fact.

On 10/23/19, Politico published an article emphatically stating, “No, food companies are not selling products that contain ‘aborted fetus cells.’ “ The article explains that these companies merely use fetal cell taken from “decades-old” fetuses to do testing for their products. Guess what? This is NOT okay either and does not justify any use of aborted fetal tissue to those of us who stand firmly for the sanctity of life from conception.

Let’s say you have a house guest who is a proud vegan. You cook veggie-based meals for them for a week, only to offer them a delicious steak dinner on their last night. When they object, you state “I’ve been cooking your food in bacon grease all week, so why should you care?”

How deceptive and underhanded can you get??

Megan Beth Gee-Henry


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