To the Editor:

In the column “No one pulls the trigger alone,” in the Tues., Aug. 13, edition of the Herald/Review, Steve and Cokie Roberts stated: “ ... he [President Trump] completely avoided his pernicious role in hardening that hatred and aggravating the aggressive tendencies of deranged individuals.”

Hmmm, wasn’t presidential hopeful Julian Castro doing just that when he put out a list of citizens who had donated to Trump? As soon as he published that list, those people became targets for deranged individuals.

What about Maxine Waters? She encourages people to heckle and run people of the opposing party out of restaurants and public places (including their spouses and children). That encouragement could certainly lead to harm by people with aggravated aggressive tendencies.

What about the Democratic TV opinion spouter who recklessly lied about our president wanting to wipe out an entire race? That could definitely aggravate tendencies in deranged individuals (and unnecessarily frighten thousands of people).

And now U.S. Sens. Warren and Harris have dragged out the Ferguson episode again and lied about it. Why? To rile people up, to add fuel to the racial divide, and to aggravate aggressive tendencies. (Are they hoping to garner votes from this?)

You’re correct, Steve and Cokie, no one pulls the trigger alone. Many in the Democratic Party are going out of their way to help someone pull it.

Karen Troncale


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