To the editor:

There have been many calls for Elected Officials that supported the insurrection at the Capitol to step down. There has been a misinformation stream for many years, recently there has been a flood of lies and ill intent regarding the 2020 Election. Part of this has been the absurd attempt by the Trump administration and the Arizona Republican Party to subvert the Election. Board of Supervisors District 3 Representative Peggy Judd has echoed this misinformation often on her Facebook Page pretending to have secret knowledge about the Election. This is disturbing as Mrs. Judd’s role as Supervisor is to oversee the Elections and Precinct distribution in our County. Even after the Herald’s account of her travels to DC for the attempted overthrow of Congress, she continues to engage in the narrative of having secret knowledge that those of us criticizing her just can not understand. Going so far as to blame the media for distorting her perfect vision of the day on which “we did a great thing.” Mrs. Judd is free to travel and have her beliefs just as any person, but how can we trust her at the top of County Government when she openly spouts theories that are at best conspiracy and after 1/6/21 known to be the catalyst for open rebellion? As a County Leader I have lost faith in Mrs. Judd’s ability to fairly govern our County and feel she must resign.

Elisabeth Tyndall

Sierra Vista