Opposing intimidation and vandalism

To the editor:

On July 24th there was a fire at the Maricopa County Democratic Party’s office. So much sweat equity was in that building, but at the end of the day it is a building and those are replaceable. What is not replaceable is the people or the work to turn AZ Blue. I don’t know the motive behind this crime, the members and volunteers of the Arizona Democratic Party are not deterred from our goal.

About 6 months ago Republican Committee Chair Rob Montgomery and I sat down with the Sierra Vista Herald to discuss our commitment to running a campaign season free of intimidation, vandalism and hateful rhetoric. The Herald never ran this story, most likely because it’s not very exciting to have people agree that despite our differences we believe in the Electoral Process and our rights and responsibilities as an Americans to VOTE. While so much has changed during the past months one thing has not changed, as Democratic Chair in Cochise County I stand firm against intimidation, vandalism and hateful rhetoric. In times like these it is easy to get lost in the fear such a crime like this causes, and fear is the point. CCDP will continue the work of supporting and electing individuals that will bring our voice to local, state and national offices.

Please don’t forget to VOTE on August 4th in the Arizona Primary and on November 3rd for the General Election.

Elisabeth Tyndall

Chair, Cochise County Democratic Party

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