Dear Editor:

When public monies are expended in a community like ours that is so lacking in areas that are required to meet the deserved and expected level of quality and comfort of it residents, priorities should be placed in those areas of basic needs and facilities that are in complete disrepair and beyond effective use by its residents—not on an endless expenditure in an area that has become an infinite expenditure to the city for too many years without any results or apparent accountability for the investment.  

The prodigal and extravagant financing of the port of entry project—which is patently and ultimately the responsibility of the federal government—at the expense of our city streets and facilities is an affront, abuse and insult to the intelligence of the tolerant and trusting residents of this community.

Since 2012 public records show that the City has funded an outside consultant with City money to provide —among other trite information—statistics on the flow of traffic at the port of entry and other boring statistics for $8,640 a month plus his expenses and for other associated expenses for the same project for an aggregate amount of $408,815.79 directly contributes to the frustration of residents and deterioration of the city infrastructure. These figures only reflect monies spent since from 2012 and do not include similar unyielding unavailable expenses prior to this date on the same project.

To continue this unbridled, reckless and cavalier spending without any substantive visible progress is an injustice to the people of this community who have placed its trust and confidence in their appointed and elected officials who continue to be oblivious to the lack of any meaningful or measurable progress on a project that has squandered the money of this socio-economically depressed community for too long with its complete disregard for the basic needs and interests of this community.


Ray Borane

Former Mayor of Douglas


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