To the editor:

The time is long overdue to convene a new Constitutional Convention. Red states are now “battling” Blue states in federal courts over Constitutional rights and privileges for their citizens — with state Legislatures debating as to whether voters or their state Legislatures select governing officials. Voters in rural Oregon counties east of the Cascade Mountains petitioned to move their state border so that their conservative counties merge with the equally conservative counties of Idaho. Marjorie Taylor Green, R-Ga., who one short year ago was considered to be on the fringe of the Republican Party is now considered to be mainstream. Peter Wehner — former senior aide to President George W. Bush — has stated that she now is the spokesperson for “widespread and growing sentiments within the GOP.” States succeeding from the union is now a growing sentiment and an open topic of discussion. Time to convene a Constitutional Convention to decide whether we wish to continue as one nation bound by one set of common values and laws and where “unalienable rights” are granted to all citizens or whether we wish to exist as a confederacy of states where each state Legislature determines a common set of laws and mores for its citizenry.