A mother on her way to celebrate her birthday with her son is killed when a Mesa teenage driver, allegedly transporting undocumented immigrants, slams into her vehicle at Mustang Corners.

In February, a 16-year-old driver ferrying six undocumented individuals fails to negotiate the entrance ramp onto Interstate 10 and rolls the pickup truck, seriously injuring his passengers and crashing into a vehicle driven by a Benson resident.

Both incidents are the result of failed policies implemented by the Biden administration.

The president’s choice to ignore what’s happening at the international border and his failure to discourage thousands from seeking to cross into the United States illegally is having tragic consequences.

Federal border patrol officials, Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels and law enforcement officials throughout Arizona and other border states are reporting record levels of illegal immigration. Last month Sheriff Dannels stated aerial video footage showed more than 160 illegal border crossers “laying in wait” at a remote field, waiting for vehicles to pick them up and transport them north. The Ladd family ranch in the Naco area has reported its fences and waterlines have been cut by illegals heading north from the border. Rural residents living anywhere near the border in Cochise County are fearful of what might happen.

During a speech by Sheriff Dannels at a gathering in Green Valley last month, an attendee thanked him and the agency’s deputies for their prompt and professional response after she called in a home invasion. Undocumented immigrants fleeing the Border Patrol broke into her home during the night and she, with her husband, stayed locked in their bedroom, calling 911 and listening to the invaders threaten them while ransacking the home until authorities arrived.

Is it any wonder that President Biden’s approval ratings have declined?

Cochise County residents are dealing directly with the consequences of this administration’s failure to stem the overwhelming tide of illegal immigration. Until recently, Border Patrol checkpoints were closed due to a lack of available agents to man the stations. Instead, these agents were assigned to humanitarian tasks at temporary housing facilities, leaving few to provide the essential task of border enforcement.

The president’s decision to stop construction of the border wall not only sent an international signal that illegal immigration is being encouraged by this administration, it also had an immediate and negative impact on the economies of communities benefiting from spending by construction crews. In Cochise County, that’s Bisbee, Naco and Douglas.

Concerns about the environmental damage of the wall construction, concerns about the alleged inhumane treatment of immigrants, the separation of families and other accusations that liberal media sources raged about the Trump administration fail to recognize that Americans — especially those living near the border — are entitled to personal safety.

Creating the current crisis, which has caused local deaths and inspired record numbers of illegal crossings, is not only irresponsible, it’s a disgrace and failure by this administration.

Especially because the entire situation is being ignored.