Wednesday night Sheriff Mark Dannels reported his and other law enforcement agencies were overwhelmed by a flood of illegal immigrants running through neighborhoods immediately south of Sierra Vista. Residents in Pueblo del Sol subdivisions, the Ramsey Canyon area and other locations throughout Hereford were reporting large groups of people – most believed to be undocumented migrants – were racing north.

The sheriff also indicated that Cochise County has become a destination point for those looking to pick up border crossers and transport them to Tucson, Phoenix and other areas. We’re seeing more vehicles being pulled over by state troopers, sheriff’s deputies and the border patrol along main traffic routes throughout the county.

Gov. Ducey has gotten involved, dispatching representatives from his office to monitor the situation and report back with ideas to help local agencies.

Still, what’s missing is a realistic assessment and response from the Biden Administration. In fact, instead of addressing the number of illegal border crossers, the Administration is facilitating and amplifying the problem.

Thursday, Arizona joined a coalition of states suing to stop the implementation of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) ‘Guidelines for the Enforcement of Civil Immigration Law.’ The policy would effectively prohibit the deportation of illegal immigrants.

In their lawsuit, the coalition shows that the guidelines are in direct violation of federal law, which requires U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to remove an alien who has received a final deportation order within 90 days. Under DHS’s non-enforcement policy, ICE will no longer categorically remove migrants with final removal orders within 90 days, if ever, even if they have dangerous convictions unless they are suspected of terrorism. There are more than 1 million individuals with final removal orders currently in the U.S.

This policy and another initiative being proposed by the Administration to compensate parents of children who crossed the border illegally and were separated from their family offer firm evidence of measures that will increase the number of migrants who travel to the border and cross illegally.

More than 1.7 million migrants were encountered along the southwest border in fiscal year 2021, which ended in September. That’s the highest total ever recorded and the upward trend is continuing. Just last month, U.S. Border Patrol encountered more than 164,000 migrants at the southwest border.

Sheriff Dannels reported Wednesday’s “flood” resulted in numerous aliens being apprehended with backpacks full of illegal narcotics. The agency reported more than 60 pounds of fentanyl were recovered from fleeing migrants.

It seems obvious that these federal policies will have negative consequences for Cochise County, Arizona and the nation. Massive illegal border crossings, new “guidance” that prohibits deportation of criminal migrants and initiatives that encourage people to travel to the border with the intent of crossing illegally can no longer be considered “policy failures.”

These are the successful efforts of an Administration that has complete disregard for any regulation of immigration and willfully seeks to undermine the security of our communities.