Richard Byrd is a human tip machine for his community.

He's also the "Big Fish" of Bisbee. It’s always hard to hear a remarkable story when you work in this business. The consequences for believing can be personally embarrassing and bad for the reader.

As a friend, Richard is a regular coffee buddy and confidant. It was during an early encounter shortly after this editor was still learning to spell “Babacomori,” when there was an opportunity get know Richard a little better.

Like hearing about the time he played poker with John Lennon and the Beatles after working as the band's photographer for a show in Phoenix.

“Worked all night as a photographer, then lost it all in a card game,” he muses.

To look at him, you would never believe it. Crippled by age and a near-fatal accident decades ago, Richard looks more like an odd Byrd, than a former photographer for the Beatles.

Except he has photos to prove it.

Richard also shares the distinction of growing up with David Letterman in Indiana, remembering time spent with the television talk show host in his father's grocery store.

For the newspaper, Richard keeps the Review/Herald (his personal preference) well-informed of things that might otherwise go unreported.

This week it was a story tip on an eccentric Bisbee artist who we'll be talking with regarding his new artwork. It's a political statement — spelling out TRUMP in $50 bills  — at a cost of about $1,500.

The artist assured this writer that the artwork only appears in the downtown Old Bisbee window when there’s someone watching the gallery.


Speaking of tips, we've received word of the first sighting of a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker. We’re didn’t hear whether it appeared on a vehicle from Arizona, but if it did, maybe the Democrats in Cochise County do have a pulse...

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