To the Editor:

I have been a patient at the Banner University of Arizona Medical Center in Tucson for four years. Recent degradation of services at the Arizona Cancer Center is why I’m writing this letter.

On the first of October Banner downgraded from the Epic EHR program to Cerner. I have worked in the computer field since 1968, and I have never before heard of anyone downgrading an IT system!

Appointments now take much longer. Three weeks after the downgrade, my 30-minute appointment took three hours and forty minutes.

The new system does not accept input from other doctors. My local doctor has TWICE sent results of a scan to my oncologist, and they never arrived.

The automated paging system has been done away with, so the nurses call out names in the waiting areas in each clinic.

After my last appointment I was handed a 13-page printout that gave 12 pages of information I didn’t need. I could access that information online before the downgrade.

I no longer receive telephone call reminders of appointments, either.

The UMC was recently named one of the top medical facilities in the country, before the downgrade. The UMC employees are such great and competent professionals and are being ignored by management. All of the cancer patients I have known while a patient there are in need of better care than Banner now provides.

What can be done to stop Banner before it destroys the UMC?

John Kimbell

Sierra Vista

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