2 All programs at county libraries are cancelled. You, however, are not. Go to atlasobscura.com/articles/archives-to-browse-from-home to learn how you can help decipher, transcribe, and tag documents and photos for museums and libraries. Chicago’s Newberry Library hopes to have you and a slew of other people transcribe 51,259 pages.

3 PlantPure Communities had planned a session on Coronavirus and Immunity at the Sierra Vista Public Library, but that has been cancelled. It’s been replaced by a YouTube video: Dr. McDougall’s Self-Help Approach to Saving Yourself from COVID-19. Questions? Contact: Jim Savarese 520-635-9383 or savaresejim@gmail.com.

4 Support Group Links

Al-Anon groups are meeting with Zoom. Check with so-az-alanon.org or so-az-alanon.org/index.php/electronic-meetings. There’s a schedule and the Zoom links and IDs.

AA groups don’t post here, but if you wish to connect with them, check in with aa-intergroup.org/directory.php

For caregiver support online, check out caregiver.org/support-groups.

Folks who need mental health support can visit nami.org. Covid-19 tips are on the home page.

5 Overeaters Anonymous: Many groups are meeting by phone or Zoom. Go to oasouthernaz.org for connections. There are also virtual non-synchronous meetings happening over email, social media, bulletin boards, and more.


Check myheraldreview.com/calender for new dates as they come alive

The Southeastern Arizona Spring Hiring Fair at Cochise College Downtown Center

Help with Advanced Care Planning at Thrive

Right Arm Night at Thunder Mountain Activity Center

First Baptist Christian Academy’s Fundraiser.

Absolue Beginning Ballroom

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