Carla Buldrinin has worked at the Sierra Vista Chamber of Commerce for three years and every day is a new adventure.

Her latest adventure includes being nominated for the 20 Under 40 Class of 2019, which surprised her completely when she was informed by a Herald/Review reporter recently.

Squealing with joy, Buldrini said: "Let me just take this in!"

But Buldrini, the mother of a 10-year-old boy,  is no stranger to last-minute anything since she organizes events from scratch at the Chamber. 

"I've always had a passion for marketing and communications," Buldrini said. 

Buldrini was nominated for 20 Under 40 by Chamber Director Jennifer Martin, who stated that Buldrini is remarkable because she has remained on the job when others have left after hitting the two-year-mark. Martin also praised Buldrini for her self-effacing demeanor, saying Buldrini is one who will not take credit for a job well-done.

"She is truly the workhorse and heart of the organization," Martin said of her employee. "She is quiet and lets others take the credit. To her, we are a team. 

Under Buldrini's watch, attendance at Chamber events has increased, Martin said, because of Buldrini's creativity on both social media and the Chamber's weekly E-Blast messages, Martin said.

True to Martin's words, Buldrini was humble when interviewed for this article. She said she loved her job and the people she works with.

Fast Facts:

Name: Carla Buldrini 

Age: 34

Community she lives in: Sierra Vista

Where she works: Communications and events coordinator Sierra Vista Chamber of Commerce

What she enjoys most about living in Cochise County: "It's a very calm community. It's the perfect place to raise a kid."

What motivates her: "My family."

Words to live by: "Love is the answer to everything."

Who inspires you: My parents. They are hard workers and they have a lot of integrity."



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